PP of Idaho – Pop Up Education

PPA Merited Class
“Print Competition”

If you want to learn more about print competition and earn a PPA merit, make sure you come and join us on July 22 in Boise! Plus we will be announcing a new program for PPI members!

When: July 22, in Boise at 8th Street Studio

Instructors: Lisa Dillon, M. Photog, Cr., CPP & Brian Welsh, Cr. Photog, CPP, API
Cost: $75

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Competition Judge
Have you ever watched an image competition and wondered “How can I become a judge?” Well here’s your chance! Seeing Through the Eyes of a Competition Judge is the class for you! We will take you through our Oregon Professional Photographers Association juror training program and teach you what the roll of a judge is, refresh your understanding of the twelve elements of a merit print, discuss the new IPCC rules for 2017, teach you how to score, how to challenge and discuss general judge etiquette. This class is taught in accordance with the PPA image competition guidelines. Instructors Bryan Welsh and Lisa Dillon are two of the founding members of the Juror Oversight Committee in Oregon and have been judging and teaching how to judge for over 15 years collectively. If you’re not interested in becoming a judge but want to up your competition game, this class can help you develop a more critical eye so you can evaluate your own work for competition entry as well. Join us on July 22 from 9am to 4:30pm.

Don’t Delay! Registration deadline is July 10th!



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